November 9, 2013

Susan Flynn - Doyle

I set this blog up a while ago, but, I never did get back to it and tonight seems like the perfect night to dive in.  It’s Saturday night in New York City, and, for the first time in a while I am staying home and I am happy to have the down time.  Oh I realize everyone and his brother thinks living in NYC means non-stop action, parties, events, and more — and well — yes that is very true, but, every once in a while… Especially when you’re old fart over 35 like me… Stay home is a God send.  Sometimes you just want some time to yourself and tonight I have it.

I spent the day doing my Fall cleaning.  Made room in my wardrobe and will be making some donations to the Salvation Army and Dress for Success.  I ordered a new bedspread and curtains for my bedroom.  Did a little online Christmas shopping and now I am finally catching up with correspondence and that includes this blog.

Now I can’t promise I will making regular blog entries, but, I will do my best and it won’t just be about me.  It will include friends and co-workers such as Rose Goodhall (the model), T.R. Threston (aka Tina Threston the travel writer), and, a variety of others.

So I hope you bear with me as I share parts of my world to you.  And, yes, that really is me in the photo.  I was a professional model for several years before becoming a fashion designer — I specialize in wedding gowns.

Welcome to my world!